Monson Vision Selected To Use Alcon’s Vivity Intraocular Lens

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Monson Vision was selected to be among the first practices to offer Alcon’s Vivity Intraocular Lens along the wasatch region. Alcon, the global leader in eye care announced AcrySof® IQ Vivity® earlier this year, a first-of-its-kind intraocular lens (IOL), to become commercially available for select U.S. practices in 2020.

Dr. Bryan Monson with Monson Vision is one of the first to conduct this extended range of vision IOL surgery that uses a non-diffractive design called X-WAVE™ which is a technology that reduces a cataract patient’s dependency on contacts and glasses.

On December 9th, 2020, Monson Vision hosted a live event to showcase a broadcast of their first Vivity Vision Surgery conducted by Dr. Bryan Monson. “Vivity is a cutting-edge new advancement, and an important addition to the portfolio of sophisticated vision restoration technologies provided here at Monson Vision resulting in providing full-range, glasses free vision for life.”

Monson Vision Vivity Lens Release

Why Monson Vision?

Based on top medical experience, world-class technology, expert staff, and specializing in advanced refractive cataract surgery as well as laser vision correction refractive procedures, Dr. Monson was an ideal and trusted option to perform the lens exchange procedure with the Vivity Lens.

Leader and innovator in the field of refractive cataract surgery, Dr. Monson pioneered several refractive surgeries in the region and is excited to offer this new advancement in premium intraocular lenses using X-WAVE technology.

What exactly is the Vivity Lens?

The AcrySof™ IQ Vivity™ IOLs are artificial lenses that are surgically implanted in the eye of an adult patient to correct their vision after their lenses were removed due to cataracts.

Cataracts are a cloudy and dense area that form in the lens of your eye and results in blurry/cloudy vision, increased light sensitivity, poor night vision, and the appearance of glare and halos.

By implanting the Vivity Lens, the procedure enables patients to have higher quality distance in their sight, close range enhancements, and everything in-between to be the most effective additional option for cataract patients.

 AcrySof® IQ Vivity®

How does this work?

The Vivity Lens by Alcon is able to work by bending light rays allowing focus on the retina which in result cures blurry distance vision which occurs after cataracts are removed and not replaced with an artificial lens.

Alcon’s non-diffractive technology (X-WAVE) uses two smooth surface transition elements that are on the anterior surface of the IOL that work all together to create a continuous, more extended range of vision rather than separate focal points.

How does it differ from other lens options?

The X-WAVE technology absorbs UV light and filters out blue light rays for advanced protection. Patients who currently have Vivity Lenses are reporting lower visual disturbances. Compared to a monofocal IOL, providing an extended range of vision from long to near distance decreases the risk of visual disturbances and gives the ability to see exceptionally better at night.

Is the Vivity Lens safe to have?

There were two clinical trials of this specific lens conducted by Alcon, both were successful and resulted in having the Vivity Lens being FDA approved earlier this year. Select Ophthalmologists in Australia and Europe were the first ones to get their hands on this new technology and reported seeing excellent results with high levels of patient satisfaction.

Additional information on the safety of this new product can be found on the FDA website under multiple articles regarding the AcrySof™ IQ Vivity™ IOLs.

About Alcon

Alcon is the global leader in eye care and has been around for 70 plus years. They are the largest eye care device company in the world, working in 70 different countries and serving patients among 140 countries. Alcon has a long history of industry firsts, and each year the company puts a substantial amount in research and development to meet customer needs and patient demands to be the industry leader in eye care technology.

Additional Information

If you think Vivity Lens is right for your cataract experience or you would like additional information, schedule a consultation with Monson Vision and let’s create a vision restoration procedure unique to your specific needs.

Dr. Bryan Monson


Monson Vision Team



Alcon Company. (2020, March 12). Alcon Announces European Launch of Vivity, the Only Presbyopia-correcting Intraocular Lens With X-WAVE Technology

U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Center for Devices and Radiological Health. (2020, March 12). AcrySofTM IQ VivityTM Extended Vision Intraocular Lens (IOL). 

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