LASIK, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

By Court

It’s already half-way through December and the holiday season is upon us! Christmas is the season of joy, gift-giving, and gives families the chance to get together and make wonderful memories. 2020 has been a hard year for the majority of us and has taught us the importance of loved ones in our lives. When putting together your Christmas list for those special loved ones, instead of limiting yourself to store bought items, take in account one of the most sought after holiday wishes, clear vision!

If you are looking for the perfect place to provide this holiday gift, Monson Vision has you covered. Dr. Bryan Monson takes priority in helping all of his patients achieve their best vision possible and would love to be a part of providing the Christmas miracle of sight.

Lasik Christmas Gift

Consider The Gift Of LASIK For Your Loved Ones

Giving the gift of clear vision is one of the most unique and memorable gifts you can provide and will positively affect the rest of their lives. Patients can benefit from greatly enhanced vision following just a single outpatient procedure. All of the results of LASIK are meant to be permanent, no need for follow-up procedures and will last a lifetime making the gift of sight truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Solve The Problem Of Finding That Special Gift

Show those special loved ones how much you care about them and their wellbeing by giving them an amazing gift. There aren’t many gifts you are able to find that will benefit their everyday life in a dramatic way, laser eye surgery is something they will never forget. Providing a loved one the opportunity to have the among the most technologically advanced LASIK in Utah, you are saving them from a lifetime of recurring costs on contacts and glasses, no need to bother with those anymore!

How Much Would This Gift Cost?

If you are considering giving someone the gift of LASIK this holiday season, there are many ways you can provide funding to get the procedure taken care of. Surprise them with a consultation to undergo a comprehensive Ocular Analysis and the gift of paying after finding out if the procedure is right for them. 

You can always pay with cash but we also offer affordable, interest-free payment plans through both Alphaeon and Care Credit. Gift cards to Monson Vision are always a great alternative option to get everything underway. The cost of the procedure should never jeopardize the ability to receive the highest quality vision correction possible.

Make This Holiday Season The Best Yet

Even if you are looking to give a procedure other than LASIK to a loved one this holiday season (such as Advanced Surface Ablation, Refractive Lens Exchange, or one of the other advanced, custom alternatives), Monson Vision is the place to be. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Gifts come and go, but vision is for life. Contact us anytime at Monson Vision if you are interested in giving away the gift that keeps on giving, Clear Vision. Call 435-787-7200 for details.

Unique Christmas Gift

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