Bry T.
“It was worth traveling out of state to have it done right! My only regret; I didn’t do this sooner!”
“I am so happy with my sight! I feel spoiled at that I had the best doctor, kindest surgical staff, and BEST lasers.”
Julia W.

When it comes to your eyes, you can’t afford to settle. Dr. Bryan Monson is the best, and the experience so great. He and his staff are top-notch and so friendly, and their technology is the best you can get in the state of Utah!

– Kim B.

As a doctor myself, looking at a screen and wearing glasses has been a huge hassle. Now, I can see more clearly and have so much less eye strain!! I’m incredibly grateful for these results and that there was a surgical site that could take on my complicated case when other sites and ophthalmologists were not able to.

– Shakira D.


Sometimes I would wake up in the morning and think, “I must have accidentally slept in my contacts because I can see”… and then I remember that I don’t wear contacts anymore! Dr. Monson was very kind to give me his personal phone number to contact him with any concerns post-surgery.

– Dakota F.


ICL Corrective eye surgery improved my life far better than I could imagine. Now I can focus more on life, travel, and nature, instead of worrying about glasses and eyesight. Dr. Monson does fantastic work and will improve your life. -4.50 to 20/10 vision in both eyes.

– Blake T.


You never want to mess around with you’re eyes! My wife had Lasik and the process was organized, comfortable, and professional. The staff never seemed rushed during any of the consultations, we were given all the time we wanted to ask questions, look at equipment etc. The technology they use is top of the line which makes the procedure really fast, and really comfortable. If you’re looking for someone you can trust, I’d highly recommend Dr Monson and his team!

– Jeremy G.


I had the SmILE LASIK procedure which was just perfect for my eyes. It was so worth it, and as a photographer I’m obsessed! My vision is so clear! Even if you’re just thinking about getting LASIK done one day, make an appointment and get some details. You’ll love it! Thank you so much Monson Vision and Dr. Bryan Monson. I’m so excited to see the world in a new way!

– Eliana M.


I’m grateful for the new vision Monson Vision has given me from SmILE surgery this month. They’ve been so personable and caring as I took the big leap from -8.25 to perfect vision. Thank you Dr. Monson!!!

– Kaylee T.


See Your World The Way It Was Meant To Be Seen