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When it comes to your eyes, safety, experience, and vision outcomes should be your top priority. However, if vision correction is right for you, we believe the cost of the procedure should not jeopardize your ability to receive the highest quality vision correction.

What are you paying for contacts & glasses?

Most people are surprised to learn just how much they spend over a lifetime on contacts & glasses. Refractive Surgery is a tremendous investment. Use the affordability calculator to estimate your actual costs.

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on your contacts and glasses in your life time

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As Transparent as Your Vision

The Monson Vision Team is as proud of our transparent financing as we are our vision results and high-touch service. No fine print. No hidden fees.

We offer affordable, interest-free payment plans through both Alphaeon and Care Credit, allowing your vision restoration for about the same monthly costs of a typical family cell-phone plan.

  • Flex Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts can also be used to cover your procedure, tax free.

Your Vision-Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our vision outcomes, the experience of our surgeons, and our superior technology—that we back up our vision correction procedures with our Lifetime Vision Security; We stand by out vision procedures for life.

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