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5 Benefits of Choosing LASIK Surgery

By Court
LASIK surgery provides a wealth of advantages and benefits for the typical wearer of contacts or glasses. If you have been dealing with contacts and eyeglasses for a long time now, consider these benefits of LASIK, courtesy of Monson Vision, your source for LASIK treatment in Weber County, UT.

1. Improve Your Vision

Studies have demonstrated that the vast majority of patients who opt for LASIK surgery achieve 20/20 or near 20/20 vision. Patients can benefit from greatly enhanced vision following just a single outpatient procedure.

2. Get Lasting Results

After a stabilization period of approximately three months for the eyes to adjust, the results from LASIK are meant to be permanent. Generally, there is never a need for follow-up procedures, and the patient’s improved eyesight will last a lifetime barring any loss due to other causes, such as aging or ailment.

3. Quick Recovery and Fast Results

Although you will not be able to drive immediately following your LASIK procedure, most ophthalmologists agree that LASIK patients can return to their normal daily routine as soon as the day after their surgery, unless one has a workplace with an unusual amount of dust, dirt, and debris. Imagine what it would be like to have near-perfect vision in just one day!

4. No More Paying for Contacts

The yearly cost of buying new pairs of disposable contacts can take a toll on your bank account. With LASIK surgery, the cost of a single procedure can save you a lifetime of renewing your contacts — in fact, the savings you’ll enjoy from not ordering contacts will eventually pay for the whole procedure! Not to mention that you’ll never again have to bother with contact solutions, lost contacts, or having to remove your contacts when your eyes feel dry.

5. Say Goodbye to Glasses 

With LASIK surgery, you’ll never have to bother with glasses anymore, either. After LASIK, the days of cleaning your glasses, dealing with scratched lenses, and constantly readjusting for changes in your eyesight will be long behind you! If you have any questions about the LASIK treatment we provide to Weber County, UT residents, give us a call today at 435-213-1768 for more information on whether you’re a good candidate for eye surgery.