4 Ways You Can Prepare for LASIK Eye Surgery

By Court

Many NBA players, celebrities, and other individuals wear non-prescription glasses for the appearance it gives them, or to keep up with fashion trends. However, many of us don’t wear glasses to be stylish rather, we wear them to allow us to see clearly. This means mornings for us entail squinty eyes and fumbling around until you reach over to your nightstand to grab your glasses or a dangerous blurry trek to the bathroom to put in your contacts. This can get old quickly and causes many of us to think, “I wish I didn’t have to deal with my contacts or glasses.” Fortunately, here at Monson Vision, we proudly offer LASIK eye surgery for those who are looking to avoid blurry vision mornings and improve their vision permanently. Below are the 4 ways you can prepare for LASIK eye surgery brought to you by Monson Vision.

If you decide to get the LASIK procedure, we recommend following these tips as a great way to prepare yourself for surgery:

Avoid Makeup the Night Before and the Day Of

We highly recommend staying away from using makeup, lotions and perfumes the day of your surgery. Using any of these substances may cause you to end up with extremely tiny fibers or debris in your eye. Makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria, and bacteria can lead to infection. If you do contract an infection, it can seriously complicate your healing process. The night before surgery, patients should thoroughly wash their face of any creams, make-up, and other products. This ensures that no potential causes of irritation are present during surgery.

Prepare to Relax for A Few Days

Although the recovery time following LASIK surgery is constantly improving, we recommend that following your procedure, patients take a few days off from work and other responsibilities. The best thing you can do post-surgery is relax, rest, and drink fluids. Ask your surgeon beforehand how long they expect your recovery to take.

Find Reliable Transportation

Since LASIK doesn’t immediately perfect your vision, you will not be able to drive home following your surgery. At Monson Vision, we require every patient to have a dependable ride to and from our facility.

Avoid Caffeine That Day

Most doctors will recommend getting plenty of rest following your procedure, so it is important to avoid caffeinated beverages or energy drinks that will keep you awake. Instead, drink water and other fluids. Drinking water will also help keep your eyes moist, which will allow you to be more comfortable during the procedure.

If you think LASIK eye surgery is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Give us a call at 801-754-6770 to schedule a no-cost consultation. We are so confident in our vision outcomes that we back up our procedures with our See Clearly Guarantee and Lifetime Vision Security.

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