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World Class Vision Restoration for the Guest Patients of our Optometry Partners.

We genuinely appreciate the opportunity to work with our optometrist partners. Thank you for trusting our practice to provide the best care for our co-management patients in an orderly fashion and for referring them to us for refractive, cataract, and other eye related surgeries.

Please know you are always welcome to reach out to me personally anytime, at or give me a call at 781-366-3285.

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Co-Managed Procedures

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Our Commitment.

  • Monson Vision will never have an optical or dispense contact lenses.
  • Monson Vision will “reverse-refer” non-surgical patients to build your practice.
  • Monson Vision will never compete with your practice’s services or disparage contacts and glasses.
  • You will receive your patients back after world-class surgical care.
  • You will receive collaborative fees the day of the patient’s surgery.

Your Trusted Partners.

Monson Vision is a world-class, center of excellence housing a Joint Commission Accredited (JHCO) surgical center. From modern LASIK and SmILE to advanced laser cataract and near vision correction, we utilize only the most advanced technologies, lenses, and techniques to achieve remarkable outcomes for your guest patients. Have peace in mind knowing your patients are receiving personalized, life-changing surgical care.

Laser eye vision correction

Referrals Made Simple.

We are proud to introduce our Monson Vision Collaborative Care app. It makes referring, sharing documents, communicating and collecting payment for your office in regards to co-managed patents easy and secure.

We hope you will download and try the app to see how convenient ca-management can be. 

That said, we know that each office has their own systems in place that works for them. We would love to help you in your surgical care for your patients in the manner that works best for you. Prefer to communicate another way? 

No problem. 

Reach out to one of our co-management specialists we will make sure you have a great co-management experience.  Referring patients shouldn’t add work to your day. Monson Vision makes collaborative care simple.

Reach out to us and let us help in the manner that is best for you and your office.

Relax, while we do the heavy lifting. 


Secure and Compliant

Your legal compliance and security is our top concern.

At Monson Vision, we understand the importance of maintaining the highest standards of compliance and safety in co-management practices. We are committed to providing a secure and reliable partnership for optometrists who are considering working with our ophthalmologists. That is why we have been careful to meticulously design our collaborative care programs and practices to adhere to all federal co-management guidelines, including anti-kickback and safe harbor laws. 

The fact is, co-management is an area of legal expertise, and becoming more so all the time. To ensure the utmost safety and compliance for all parties involved, we have concentrated on partnering with some of the best legal minds in healthcare/safe harbor/ anti-kickback in the state of Utah, such as Trevor Kurusa from York Howell Attorneys at Law. Additionally we  have implemented robust safe-like IT systems for your protection including:

  • Encrypted, HIPAA-compliant rapid doctor-to-doctor text, fax and email systems
  • State-of-the-art transparent encrypted and confidential document management system
  • An innovative, Patient Data Sharing Vault, secure between Surgeons and Optometrists
  • Legal-flattened co-management patient consents
  • Hands-off direct patient to optometrist secure payment system
  • Compliant, vetted, approved OD CE education events
  • Many additional features designed for your safety

When you choose to collaborate with Monson Vision, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your patients’ information is secure, and your co-management practices are compliant with all all relevant laws and regulations. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that our collaboration delivers the best possible outcomes for our shared patients while protecting the integrity of your practice. Join Monson Vision in our mission to provide exceptional vision care, and experience the safety and security of working with a partner you can trust, supported by the protective systems we have established with the top legal minds in healthcare compliance.

Collaborative Care Program

We work with eye doctors all over the world through our collaborative care program. This means that you may not have to travel to us for each of your appointments. We may be able to work with a doctor in your area to perform your pre- and post-appointments close to your home.

Don’t settle for less, get the collaborative care your practice deserves. Give us a call and talk to our optometry co-management professionals.

Monson Vision Consultation

Why Trust Us?

Having eye surgery is one of the most important decisions someone can make—a choice made easier when the provider is a surgeon you can trust.

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