Enter our “New Year, Best You” contest for a chance to see the world as it was meant to be seen. One randomly selected winner will receive the state-of-the-art complimentary LASIK or comparable procedure from Monson Vision. From ultramodern WaveLight EX500 LASIK and PRK to surface ablation, to Zeiss ReLEx SMILE, ground-breaking EVO ICLs, revolutionary light-adjustable lenses, custom lens replacements and more – the experts at Monson Vision provide high-quality care and stunning results at our world-class integrated surgical center of excellence. 

Center of Excellence: The Next Step in the Evolution of Eye Care

  • Enjoy same-day consultation AND surgery for ALL of our laser and lens-based vision restoration solutions
  • Traveling in? Complimentary airport Escalade limo service, complimentary hotel suite stays
  • Gold standard OR safety rating: (60.5-173% safer across multiple metrics) over the previous gold standard eye ambulatory surgical centers
  • Digitally integrate surgical workflow
  • OR cockpit for a more effective and more efficient procedure
  • Full AI and Crowd Sourcing machine refines the outcomes for all lens and laser procedures
By philosophy, Monson Vision will always use only the most advanced technology, housing literally the fastest, most accurate lasers ever approved by the FDA (and are the most modern iterations of these platforms).


How special are our lasers? These systems custom treat across 20,000 data points of cornea information. That’s nearly 100 times that of the next best contemporary lasers on the market. These special platforms also integrate cutting-edge aberration shaping technology made possible by adopting novel technology developed by NASA to eliminate the higher-order aberrations in creating the precision mirror systems of the James Webb Telescope!

The Results? One Giant Leap For Mankind

The results are one giant leap for mankind: A recent outcome study found that for nearly 1/3rd of eyes, the laser systems housed at Monson Vison have now actually surpassed the best vision glasses and contacts can deliver. This astonishing milestone is a first in human history. The results don’t stop there: 89% of eyes were at least 20/15. An astonishing 28% were at least 20/10 (it is thought that the limit of human eye performance on record is 20/6!) 100% of eyes achieved at least 20/20. In fact, 95% of patients had already achieved 20/20 vision by Day-1. Further, the EX500 laser platforms provide superior quality and, superior night vision quality compared to the counterpart lasers out there on the market.
How will the Best You see this year?

Prize Guidelines

  • One winner will be selected at random for a free LASIK procedure performed by Monson Vision.
  • If you are not a candidate for LASIK, the full price of the surgery will be credited toward another procedure at Monson Vision for which you are eligible.
  • By summitting your information for the “New Year, Best You” contest, you agree to receive text messages and emails from Monson Vision.

Enter The Giveaway

Enter the “New Year, Best You” contest now! We would like to thank Cache Valley Media Group for making this chance-of-a-lifetime giveaway possible, as well as all our many patients from across the globe who joined the Monson Vision family during 2022.

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