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On behalf of the entire team, I want to welcome you to Monson Vision. Vision Restoration surgery at Monson Vision is a world-class vision correction surgery experience in a first-class setting. This approach to modern vision surgery is more advanced, safe, and predictable than ever, designed to improve the way you experience the world.  

Monson Vision Team

Like a fingerprint, no two eyes are the same. Monson Vision takes a custom-tailored approach to each patient and each eye. Monson Vision is one of very few centers in the country with the training, experience, and equipment to offer the full portfolio of both LASIK, and its modern vision restoration alternatives. 

We are so confident in our outcomes—and our patient satisfaction—that we stand behind the results of all of our laser vision restoration procedures for life, with our See Clearly Guarantee and Lifetime Vision Security. 

Having received lifechanging LASIK myself, and having provided vision restoration for many family members, friends, surgeons, physicians, airline pilots, active military members, professional athletes, government leaders, professional performers, and tens-of thousands of our guest patients from across the globe, I’m excited now to share the revolutionary technology and life-changing experience offered by Monson Vision.  On behalf of our entire team, we are excited to take this journey to visual freedom with you.   

During our visit, I will personally meet with you to examine your unique eyes, review imaging, and assess which of our vision restoration procedures is right for your eyes. We’re here to serve you. Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can answer any questions prior to your consultation. 


Bryan K Monson 

Bryan Monson
Dr. Bryan Monson

What to expect when you arrive

Your initial consultation is a 90-minute guest experience that revolves around you. When you arrive, you will be greeted by a guest service guide who will accompany you throughout your visit. They will answer any questions you may have.

Monson Vision Greeter

Advanced Technology

To create your custom surgery plan, you will undergo the Monson Vision Ocular Analysis (MVOA), the most advanced of imaging technologies available. 

In fact, Monson Vision is among only a handful of practices in the United States tutilize these state-of-the-art technologiesevaluating, and mapping thousands of data points. We assimilate surgery planning information about your eyes using crowd-sourcing methods, far beyond the ability of human interpretation and estimation 

These tests monitor your overall health, monitoring for potential problems such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, or cataracts; These analytics provide our team with the information to determine which vision restoration procedure is right for your eyes. 

None of the tests are painful; in fact, the devices are similar to cameras, each taking a picture of your eye from a different point of view. 

Monson Vision Technology



At Monson Vision, we use only the most advanced, state-of-the-art LASER systems ever approved by the FDA, including the most current Alcon Wavelight EX500 LASER platform. From advancements in laser technology and diagnostic tools, these groundbreaking systems are the foundation for custom Wavelight CONTOURA vision. 

Monson Vision Technology

Day and Night

The Wavelight system is designed to deliver a treatment driven by advanced mapping technologies that create a highly individual, precise, and accurate map of the cornea. Unlike earlier technologies, CONTOURA not only addresses your prescription, but it imparts unique ablation geometry shaping which optimizes your vision and improves visual outcomes for both day and night. 


That’s the number of unique elevation data points on your cornea that the Wavelight EX500 analyses, to create a complete map and treatment of your cornea. Your eyes are as unique as your fingerprints, and this technology is a crucial part of what makes your exquisite outcomes at Monson Vision completely personal 


This is the number of data points about your eyes collected in the initial visit at Monson Vision.


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Patients receiving CONTOURA LASIK surgery achieve remarkable natural vision without using glasses or contacts. In fact, 30.9% of new CONTOURA vision LASIK patients outperformed their best vision withglasses and contacts. For many patients, this transformation is life changing. 


of patients say they would  choose CONTOURA custom LASIK again. 

Top-end Contoura LASIK is extremely comfortable in Dr Monson’s hands. Vision restoration occurs in about 4 hours. Our patients can usually drive and perform activities the day following their post-operative visit. 

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Similar in concept to advanced LASIK, SMILE is state-of-the-art laser correction that utilizes the latest in ultra-precise laser technology to gently correct vision. Using a precision laser, Dr Monson creates a thin lenticular disc to correct vision. SMILE is a single-step, minimally invasive, bladeless, flapless procedure that takes just minutes to perform. In fact a key instrument used in SMILE surgery, was developed right here at Monson Vision, and featured recently in the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery. 

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3 Millionths of a Meter

That’s the positional accuracy of the revolutionary VisuMAX  femptosecond laser for SMILE. It “sees” your cornea to 3 microns—half a diameter of a red blood cell.  This is TWICE the resolution of any other femptosecond laser on the market.  

This puts VisuMax in a class all by itself, making this the only femptosecond laser capable of the spatial accuracy necessary for SMILE. Monson Vision is among the few centers in the United States using this remarkable best-in-class technology.

2.8 Million

That’s the number of SMILE procedures performed worldwide, and that number is growing. Monson Vision pioneered SMILE to the region, and it’s now one of the fastestgrowing laser vision correction procedures that have been performed worldwide.

SMILE provides equivalent top visual outcomes compared to our best-in-class LASIK, and may be particularly beneficial for our patients with either very low or very high nearsightedness. 

Guide to Clear Vision

80% Smaller

surface incision opening is created with SMILE compared to LASIK, which means fast, comfortable healing times. Patients report little to no postoperative discomfort or pain.  Most of our patients are back to work—or back to play—in just one day.

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)


Dr Monson can restore aging eyes so you can finally lose your reading glasses for the last time. If you’re over the age of 40undergoing RLE may be the ideal solution designed to restore your vision, and eliminate the need for cataract surgery in the future. It helps both distance and near vision. 

During this procedure, your eye’s dysfunctional natural lens is upgraded with a high-performance, customized lens created with the precision of a microchip. The elegant, 8-10-minute procedure in Dr Monson’s hands is microscopic, laparoscopic, and requires no suture, and no injections. Vision recovers in about a day. Your excellent results do not diminish with time, protecting your investment.  

Clear Vision Utah

Visian ICLs

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The Visian ICL, also known as the Implantable Collamer® Lens, is a vision restoration procedure designed to address the most bothersome visual problems: myopia and astigmatism. ICL lenses are uniquely an ‘additive procedure’ that do not remove or reshape cornea tissue. They instead work in harmony with the natural biomechanics and chemistry of your eye.  

Simply put, Visian ICL is a highly customized lens designed specifically to be placed inside the eyean attractive new option for vision restoration. The ICL implant cannot be felt or seen once placed and provides a highly precise level of correction. 

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Quick Procedure & Recovery

Dr Monson’s Visian ICL procedure is minimally invasive, highly refined and a comfortable process. Most procedures are completed within 8-10 minutes by design. Most achieve improved vision nearly immediately. 


The percentage of patients who report satisfaction with the Visian ICL procedure.


The number of ICL procedures that have been completed around the world. 

vision restoration utah

First in State

Dr Monson was selected by Visian to be the first to the State of Utah to perform both the TORIC VISIAN ICL and the new EVO ICL. He has performed thousands of these procedures and is among the most experienced ICL surgeons in the United States. 

We can’t wait to see you.

Together, we pride ourselves on the careful attention to detail and care that we devote to each patient. 

We’re here to serve you. We look forward to meeting you at your consultation. 

Your Vision Team

Monson Vision Team
Dr. Monson is a world-class refractive surgeon who comes to Northern Utah with years of experience in performing specialized ocular surgical operation procedures. Every year, thousands of people choose him for their vision correction procedures because of his expertise,

experience, and the care he puts into his work. Monson Vision has more than five decades of combined experience in advanced ophthalmology surgery and premier care.