A Guide For Your Same-Day Cataract Surgery

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Cataract Consult and Surgery

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Modern cataract surgery is more advanced, predictable and safer than ever with new options to improve the way you experience the world for the rest of your life. We look forward to providing you with world-class vision correction surgery. This resource is designed to prepare you for your upcoming surgical consultation.

Be aware there are significant differences in the vision performance of intraocular lenses, and you have a choice as to what lens, and what future vision ability you can receive. During your upcoming consultation you will undergo an advanced ocular analysis to help our team understand the unique features of the optics of your eyes.

I will personally meet with you to examine your unique eyes, review imaging, and assess your candidacy for the lens option you would like to have for your eyes. Our goal is to offer truly customized vision correction to each patient through advanced technology combined with surgical expertise. I look forward to working with you to create your customized vision plan in your consultation.

Bryan K. Monson, MD

Who Are We?

Monson Vision is a world-class, ophthalmology center of excellence. A Joint Commission Accredited (JHCO) eye specific  surgical center, Monson Vision houses the world’s top technology to perform the most advanced methods of vision restoring lens replacement surgery available anywhere.

The Process

A timeline for restoring your vision
Initial Diagnosis
Our patient care coordinator will contact you to schedule your virtual consultation and ensure you are prepared for the next steps.
What You Should Know
Please take time to watch the included videos regarding the options available for modern cataract surgery. This folder will provide easy access to the information you should know.
Pre-Operative Zoom™ Interview
The Monson Vision team will meet with you during a 45 minute Zoom™ interview. We will gather the necessary information to ensure that your surgery is a success.
Meet With Your Surgeon
During this Zoom™ call, your surgeon will also meet with you personally, to review your information, answer questions and explain the best options for surgery.
Patient Care Coordinator
Finally, a Patient Care Coordinator will conclude your Zoom interview and discuss costs and insurance utilization associated with your surgery. They will also help you select a surgery date, and ensure you have all the information necessary about what to do prior to surgery.
The big day is here! This will be a day that will change how you see the world. Your Monson Vision surgical team will have made all the necessary arrangements to ensure this will be a smooth and comfortable experience for you and anyone who accompanies you.
Post-Op Appointments and Healing
Take some time to relax. You will have three follow-up visits with your optometrist to monitor your healing and results. Most patients have minimal discomfort and significantly improved within a few days of surgery.
Enjoy Your Vision!

What You Should Know

Pre-Appointment Homework

At the time of your surgery, your dysfunctional natural lens will be surgically removed with laser light and ultrasonic technology, and replaced by a transparent, high-tech lens, called an intraocular lens (IOL).

This specialized device will remain with you for life and becomes the basis for your vision. You have a choice as to what lens and what future vision ability you can receive.

Please click the link to watch the following videos prior to your consultation.

Step 1

Pre-Operative Zoom™ Interview:

Please have the following information available:

  • Medication List
  • Your Medical History
  • Insurance Cards

Step 2

Zoom™ Meeting With Your Surgeon:

Next, you will meet personally with your surgeon to discuss your procedure options and answer any questions you may have.

  • Vision Expectations
  • Review any health concerns
  • Discuss best available options
  • Select appropriate lenses

Please Note!
If you have been treated or are currently being treated for a heart condition, inform your surgeon during your consultation.

Step 3

Patient Care Coordinator

Finally, a Patient Care Coordinator will help you schedule your surgery date and discuss your financial investment.

  • Insurance Coverage
  • Premium Lens Upgrade
  • Standard cataract and refractive charges

Please Note!
If you are diabetic, please inform the coordinator for priority scheduling.

From modern LASIK and SmILE to advanced laser cataract and near vision correction, Dr. Monson and his team are here to help you see better, and in turn, live better. Modern vision correction is designed to help you live a life without restrictions, enabling you to do more of the things you love.

Your Vision.

Our Guarantee.

We are so confident in our vision outcomes, the experience of our surgeons, and our superior technology—that we back up our vision correction procedures with our Lifetime Vision Security; We stand by our vision procedures for life.

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