Preparing for Advanced Lens Replacement Surgery

Our goal at Monson Vision is to offer truly customized vision correction to each patient through advanced technology and extensive surgical expertise. Vision-restoring lens implants and laser-assisted cataract surgery have opened a new era of safety and vision outcomes for patients.  

During your consultation, you will undergo an advanced ocular analysis, which helps gather over 27,000 unique data points to help our team understand your unique eyes. I will then personally meet with you to help you determine which lens option is best for you. I look forward to working with you to create your personalized, life-changing vision plan. 

Bryan K. Monson, MD 

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This resource is to prepare you for your upcoming VIP surgical consultation.

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Vision Restoration at Monson Vision is Different by Design. Our approach is world-class vision correction surgery in a premium guest-patient experience. Modern vision restoration surgery at Monson Vision is more predictablesafe, and advanced than ever—meticulously designed to improve the way you see the world.   

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At the time of your surgery, your dysfunctional natural lens will be surgically removed with laser light and ultrasonic technology, and replaced by a transparent, high-tech lens, called an intraocular lens (IOL).  

This specialized device will remain with you for life and becomes the basis for your vision. Because of significant differences in the vision performance of IOLs, you have a choice as to what lens and what future vision ability you can receive. These differences are discussed below.  

Standard Intraocular Lenses

Standard IOLs are designed only to replace and stop further digression of your dysfunctional natural lens. Their ability to correct your vision is limited.

After surgery with standard IOL implants, bifocal glasses or contact lenses will be needed full time to fully correct your vision at all distances. 
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Beyond Standard Lenses

Recent FDA approvals have made way for major advancements in IOL technology designed to address the limitations of standard lenses. These IOLs are termed premium IOLs. They are intended to significantly reduce your dependency on glasses. These lenses are combined with multiple laser technologies for precision. This vision restoration approach is why many patients seek out Monson Vision. 

Our team is one of the few in the country at the forefront of providing the Alcon PanOptix® ENLIGHTEN® Lens, Alcon Vivity™ Extended Vision, and the RxSight® Light Adjustable Lens™. 
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PanOptix® & Vivity™ IOL

Driving a car, reading a menu, or checking a text message all require different ranges of focus that a standard IOL lens cannot restore. Dr. Monson is at the forefront of the new PanOptix® IOL and the revolutionary Vivity IOL. These lenses (IOLs) are designed to provide glasses-free distance, intermediate, and near vision in each of your eyes. Vision results are stable over a lifetime, and custom fine-tuning with laser technology is included in your investment to optimize your vision outcomes.  

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While your full insurance benefits will be applied to your surgical costs, some additional expenses are not covered with these lenses. Interest-free payment options are available for your vision investment. 

PanOptix® IOL

Vivity™ IOL

Light Adjustable Lens™ by RxSight® 

This is the first and only implantable lens on the planet in which the lens itself can be altered and customized after lens replacement surgery. Made of a space-age material, this lens allows you to testdrive your vision for weeks after surgery, making vision changes with a light device in-office before locking in” your final prescription and vision results.

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This incredible technology is made possible by special photosensitive material in the lens that reacts to UV light and physically changes shape to match your desired prescription. Adjustments can be repeated to ensure your exact vision goals are met, before making the changes permanent.

While your full insurance benefits will be applied to your surgical costs, some additional expenses are not covered with this lens. Interest-free payment options are available to help finance your vision investment. 

Advanced Surgery Technology

Among the greatest advancements in cataract surgery is an improvement to the surgical process itself. At Monson Vision, laser cataract surgery replaces the surgical blade and handheld instruments used in traditional cataract surgery with an ultra-precise, computer-guided laser. 

The laser performs key steps in cataract surgery, including creating the initial incisions, the opening of the lens capsule (which contains the natural lens), and precise sectioning sectioning of the dysfunctional lens. This technology has been designed to deliver reduced energy delivery with remarkable precision for your procedure.

A second laser system, the intraoperative Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA), may also be used during your surgery after your dysfunctional lens is removed. ORA delivers ultra-high precision continuous measurements of your eye during surgery, for your final lens prescription selection. Few centers house such technology, and using this technology enables our team to deliver bestinindustry outcomes.  

 Optiwave Refractive Analysis

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Dr. Monson is a world-class refractive surgeon who comes to Northern Utah with years of experience in performing specialized ocular surgical operation procedures. Every year, thousands of people choose him for their vision correction procedures because of his expertise,
experience, and the care he puts into his work. Monson Vision has more than five decades of combined experience in advanced ophthalmology surgery and premier care.
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