Are You a Good Candidate for LASIK?

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If you’ve lived your whole life wearing glasses or contacts, you’ve probably only dreamt of what it would be like to see without vision correctors. Imagine waking up in the morning not having to squint to find your glasses, or have your eyes dry out from overwearing contacts. Imagine all the money you can save […]

LASIK: What to Expect During Post-Surgery Recovery

What to Expect LASIK Post-Surgery Recovery People who are considering LASIK vision correction in the area of Twin Falls County, ID can expect our doctors to tell you all about the benefits of the procedure, and how to prepare for it, during preliminary consultations. During the procedure itself, you can be assured that we’ll use […]

Dr. Monson Helping People See More Clearly

Written by Rod Boam September 28, 2019 LOGAN – For people who want their twenty-year-old vision back, Dr. Bryan Monson is one of a few ophthalmologists performing refractive lens exchanges. He takes the eye lens and replaces it with a lens that works better than the patient’s natural one. During surgery Dr. Bryan Monson projects […]

6 Myths About LASIK Debunked

As your source for world-class refractive eye surgery for Weber County, UT, Monson is committed to providing a fantastic experience for each and every one of our patients. As an expression of our commitment to greater education and awareness of LASIK options, we’re dedicating this month’s blog to debunking a few myths about LASIK surgery […]

5 Benefits of Choosing LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery provides a wealth of advantages and benefits for the typical wearer of contacts or glasses. If you have been dealing with contacts and eyeglasses for a long time now, consider these benefits of LASIK, courtesy of Monson Vision, your source for LASIK treatment in Weber County, UT.

4 Early Signs of Cataracts to Watch Out For

Taking proper care of your eyes is important, particularly when it comes to being on the lookout for signs of severe conditions. As the leading cause of vision impairment, cataracts affects 25 million Americans over age 40, making it vital to know how to spot red flags. If you or someone you care about is […]

Is Lasik Right for You? Find out at Monson Vision

Lasik eye surgery is one of the wonders of modern ophthalmology. This surgery has resolved the eye afflictions of millions of people, restoring their vision and eliminating the hassle of glasses and contact lenses. Find out if LASIK is right for you and learn more about Monson Vision below. Now, it can be your turn […]

Dr. Monson Adresses Surgeons at American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery

On May 3-7, 2019, Dr. Monson addressed an international audience of refractive surgeons at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ARCRS) in San Diego. ASCRS mission is to advance the art and science of ophthalmic surgery and the knowledge and skills of ophthalmic surgeons by providing clinical and practice management education and by […]

5 Ways to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

In today’s day and age, nearly every student or professional spends the majority of their days staring at computer screens. Whether individuals are working on a research paper for school, or they spend their workday communicating with clients online, most individuals are aware of the uncomfortable feeling of fatigue in their eyes after hours upon […]

5 Bad Habits That Are Hurting Your Eyes

Your eyesight is arguably the most critical of your five senses, making the proper upkeep of your vision vital to your wellbeing. Unfortunately, many of us still maintain habits that can be detrimental to the health of our eyes. These are the top 5 bad habits that are hurting your eyes and vision over a […]